Welcome to the Plane of Acheron

Here you are invited to engage in constant and unending warfare and conflict.

If you are willing to team up or develop your own master strategy for continental, global, or galaxy domination than jump on in!

The first game I would like to get “operational” rules for is Axis and Allies (Global) 1940. I will be posting additional guidelines, content, and tools related to this game as a first step to trying out this way to satiate the thirst for some of these board games.

The Alpha +3 rules will be the basic structure, but I want to replace the current rulebooks with a much more navigable layout on the site. I will be trying to integrate them plus all the information needed to play the game online in an easily accessible way. Then if anyone has the courage to take on the conflict, we can start a game.

The Plane of Acheron

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