Technology Development Chart Five

Since they are so much fun to design, I decided to make a fifth technological development chart:

1. Change the Course. This technology affects how soon either the USSR or USA can declare war. In order to activate this tech, you must spend 10 IPCs. If you choose not to activate it, you instead gain 10 IPCs. Each time this tech is activated, it reduces or adds to the amount of delay before USSR or USA can declare war by 1 turn. (The USA remains unique in that it may declare war at the beginning of its collect income phase.) When you activate it, choose either the USA or the USSR and choose to add one or subtract one turn from its waiting period. [Examples: (1) USSR gains this tech and chooses itself; it can now declare war on Germany or Italy as of turn 3 and on Japan as of turn 5. (2) Italy gains this tech and chooses USA; USA now cannot declare war on Italy, Germany, or Japan (unless provoked) until the collect income phase of its turn 4. (3) After Italy gained this tech in example 2, UK gains it and chooses USA. Now USA returns to the collect income phase of turn 3 as the designated time for declaring war.]

2. Convoy/Sub War. You have a surge in submarine or destroyer production. This turn you may purchase either two submarines, one submarine and one destroyer, or two destroyers at no cost in the purchase units phase. This tech may be gained multiple times.

3. Engineering Corps. You may produce new airbases and naval bases for only 12 IPCs. Also, when repairing a damaged air or naval base, you can remove 2 damage markers for the cost of 1 IPC (in other words, half price, rounded up).

4. Improved Light Tanks. Your Light Armor now attack on 5, defend at 5, and move up to 3.

5. Improved Armored Divisions. Choose either Tanks or Heavy Armor when you gain this tech. You may gain it a second time and choose the other option, or reroll. Either your tanks now attack and defend at 7, or your Heavy Armor now attack and defend at 8.

6. Improved Marines. You may produce 1 Marine per turn at the cost of 3 instead of 4. In addition, your marines now engage in amphibious assaults at +1 (attack at 3 and defend at 6).

Technology Development Chart Five

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